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Each day, we get many questions about our services and auto loans, many of which are commonly asked. If you cannot find your answer below, please submit it to us here.

Q: Are there fees for applying through your site?
A: Absolutely not. There are no fees for applying online here.

Q: Can I apply online for auto loans on a weekend?
A: Definitely, that is one of the benefits of applying online. There are no closing hours, so you can apply 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Q: How long after I apply does it take to get approved?
A: That depends on a number of factors, so it is really impossible for us to give you a definite time period. We can, however, promise that your application is being processed instantly and a loan officer will contact your regarding your status shortly after you apply.

Q: Will I need a large down payment for an auto loan?
A: Not normally. Usually down payments are small if at all. Some loan officers can even negotiate deals that require no down payment.

Q: What interest rate will I be charged?
A: Because interest rates fluctuate daily, we cannot guarantee a set percentage. Your credit rating is also factored in when deciding interest rates, so if your credit is excellent, most likely you will be eligible for a very low interest rate compared to someone with credit problem who might pay more on interest.

Q: Is applying online for auto loans safe?
A: We cannot speak for other sites, however, when you apply for auto loans on our site, it is very safe. We provide a secure server for transferring your information to our loan officers, and we will NEVER email you to ask for personal information.

Q: Will I need a co-signer to apply for an auto loan?
A: In some cases, you might be required to have a co-signer, but this is normally not the case. If you have a steady job, and are able to show that you are credit-worthy, you probably not need a co-signer.

Q: Can I get a loan for any type of vehicle I wish?
A: Your may purchase any type of vehicle that your budget allows.

Q: I want to buy a car from an individual, can you lend me the money?
A: At this point, we do not offer loans for purchasing vehicles from individuals.

Q: How can I contact you if I have more questions?
A: Click here to submit your questions.

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